Leather Cigars Case handmade in Florence by GF89 - Giuseppe Fanara.


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LEATHER CIGAR CASE LEATHER FOR TOSCANELLI CIGARS  GF89 - GIUSEPPE FANARA Designed and Handmade using the ancient tradition of “Florentine Cuoietto ”. Seamless leather cigar case for toscanelli cigars, handmade on wooden form: Premium full grain and vegetable tanned "Cuoio" leather , made in Tuscany. Hand-dyed with organic coloring agents No seams and no...

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ROBUSTUS CIGAR CASE LONG OR SHORT. GF89 GIUSEPPE FANARA Born from the Florentine tradition of cuoietto leatherworking, this Cigar Case for Robustus cigars is designed and made entirely in Florence by Master Craftsman Giuseppe Fanara, who has practised this craft for more than thirty years.

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Leather Cigar Case  for Toscano / Havana Cigars GF89 Giuseppe Fanara Designed and Handmade on wooden form using the ancient tradition of “Cuoietto Fiorentino”, made in Italy. The particularities are : no seams and no visible joints. 100% Vegetable Tanned Leather, made in Tuscany . diameter 1,4 cm.

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